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I’ve spent the last 10 years writing the best wedding planner which is filled with every bit of advice you need for your wedding day combined with the most amazing wedding planner.


Everything was going great for couples using my planner book until…….the pandemic hit. 


I have held hundreds of weddings at my venue in NSW over the last 18 months during the pandemic and I had to find problems to solutions and get super creative and fast! With governments changing regulations at the drop of the hat - you need support and direction.


My 22 chapter, 30 page advice book “How to hold a wedding during a pandemic" became not only necessary for me to write, but actually quite urgent as couples simply don’t know what to do and where to turn for advice. I am seeing so much mis information posted all over social media from brides freaking out and it’s just making things worse. So, I hope this book offers some rational advice in such a time of craziness.


I’ve attached a couple of chapters as a sneak peek. It’s a very easy to read, clearly set out informative book with illustrations and images.


You are always welcome to email me direct at if you need any further advice.


Love and Support

Yoda of Weddings (and pandemics)